About Us

About Our Company

Herbs for Life, Inc., of Kittery Maine, is a small batch manufacturer of handcrafted Organic Pet Supplements for Horses, Dogs and Cats. Our supplements are pure with no fillers or bulk agents. Our formulas are uniquely developed using research backed ingredients, time tested botanicals, holistic veterinarians, and with a passion for all things organic and whole. Our Pet Wellness Blends™ supplement line, and Veterinary Botanicals™ apothecary line are blended for optimum synergy to bring you balanced formulas with therapeutic values proven to support many common pet health concerns and will keep your pets healthy, organically!

Veterinary Botanicals™  product line of herbal medicinals consists of liquid extracts (tinctures) as well as powdered formulas, available only through Veterinarians.

We are a company devoted to bringing balance of mind, body and spirit to animals through the use of Certified Organic as well as Responsibly/Ethically Wild-harvested Herbs and Superfoods.

We are an audited company boasting the NASC Seal on both the  Pet Wellness Blends™ and Veterinary Botanicals™ product lines, your guarantee that our products meet the NASC high standards of Quality, Integrity and Labeling guidelines, providing the consumer and professional alike an assurance of our products quality standards.


About Our Organic Pet Supplement Products

With the right tools and practices, we know that it’s possible to help our pets maintain a healthy balance, even in today’s constantly fluctuating environment with a holistic approach.

Herbs for Life, Inc. helps educate people to be proactive in their animal’s health so they are able to make informed decisions about their well being. We believe that good nutrition is the base for great health. The Wellness Blends for dogs, cats and horses are the core of this practice, strengthening the body systems naturally and with ease, balancing the immune system response.

Joyce Belcher is a Certified Herbalist specializing in work with animals. She lives in Kittery, Maine with her husband, and Aja - Standard Poodle. Joyce has completed years of advanced herbal studies with several highly respected teachers, including Amanda McQuade Crawford, RH (AHG), MNIMH and David Winston, RH (AHG). Joyce formulates herbal products for holistic veterinarians and is the founder of Herbs for Life, Inc. and the product lines of Pet Wellness Blends™ and Veterinary Botanicals™.

If you would like more information on our products please email info@vetbots.com

Consultations on custom formulas or specific ailment requirements are available by calling 207-451-7093.