Bor-L-Immune® - Peace of Mind during Tick Season

Bor-L-Immune® - Peace of Mind during Tick Season

Lyme disease is here to stay. The real question is always what is the best way to deal with it. A large part of the intervention is based on training and exposure to the disease or diseases. As a clinician of almost 40 years, I have a great passion for this disabling issue. There are many wild animals that seem unaffected by these infections and coinfections and others that are disabled by exposure and disease. What is the formula for successfully navigating the diagnosis and infective process? I outwardly admit that there is no one path that is best for all and yet my belief is that everyone can benefit from the following information. Louis Pasteur who upon his death bed, proposed that it is the integrity of the host of the disease that determines the outcome. It is my strong belief that this is truly the key to the success of the host to adapt or coexist with these infections. Lyme as many diseases is an imbalance of the TH1 TH2 balance.

  The ability to successfully engage the initial immune response, and bring it to a successful conclusion is incredibly complicated. We live in a world of constant turmoil. Exposure to toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, contributes tremendously to our immune response. The health of the host going into the exposure and the genetic predispositions is a great part of this formula. Since we are not yet able to manipulate genetics (or can we?) we must rely on manipulating the other variables. I feel strongly that our animal kingdom in the domesticated world is suffering from the same challenges that people are in this day and age. Fillers, excipients, toxins and outright poisons are part of this dilemma.  I feel that Joyce Belcher has given us a gift to deal with this dilemma more successfully. Sustenance Herbs is the brainchild of Joyce.

  Joyce has successfully formulated a variety of products to help the fragile immune balance swing in a positive direction. The Bor-L- Immune product includes 5 herbs that are anti spirochete, as well as an anti-inflammatory for the treatment of Lyme infection. This therapeutic blend has antimalarial properties, protects heart smooth muscle, and increases liver function to describe just a few benefits of this tincture. The tincture crosses the blood-brain barrier which is critical to the often manifested neurological presentation. It also has the capacity to get into the cartilage and synovial tissue which is often a terrible complication of the Orthopedic presentation. Antibiotics often drive the infective agent deep into tissues to protect itself which can worsen the presentation. Immune function and atrophy of the spleen and thymus is often the result of these stealth infections which are addressed with this herbal tonic.

  Cytokines such as IL2 are upregulated initially with a tick bite can disrupt the delicate TH1 TH2 balance of immune regulation. Low levels of CD4 with chronic suppression of T helper cells is one of the biological markers of Chronic Lyme. The formula helps increase the TH1 response with the initial assault. Cats Claw is one of the functional ingredients that acts as an immune tonic that can aid in the prevention of Lyme. This powerful ingredient has been shown to deal with the Arthritic presentation of the disease. It also has proven to increase CD57 and NK cells for the improvement of the frustrating chronically low CD57 and elevated C6 protein as well as low MSH marker. Neem leaf is a powerful part of this blend to affect positive changes in the intra and extracellular compartments of cellular physiology with resistant Malarial bugs. Neem is a powerful anti-parasitic and antiviral agent. Japanese Knotweed is high in vitamin C which helps in a collagen matrix for support and repair. This herb also crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier which is a powerful tool in chronic disease.

To summarize this information, it is my personal experience with a 20-month-old German Shepard puppy who walks and runs daily in the great outdoors, who has lowered her C6 titer and improved her immune panel from IDEXX greatly. As a Board Certified clinical Neurologist and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist it is my clinical and personal experience that Joyce is a great resource to help turn the tables on the frustrating world of chronic Lyme.


Dr. Richard Herbold

Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

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